SFC Service

Structured Family Care (SFC)

​Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) is a program that was approved to help support family members by providing 24-hour care for an elderly or disabled family member. This program is to help live-in family caregivers who are unable to work outside of the home because of caregiving responsibilities. SFC provides support by health coaches and the provision of a daily stipend.

Caregiver must...

  • be related
  • live in the home of the caregiver, same address
  • not be a legal guardian or spouse, no minors (must be 18 yrs. old)
  • Caregiver requires 8 hrs. annual training. No CPR, FA, or TB testing
  • Members must qualify for a minimum of 5 hrs. ADL daily care

Caregiver cannot...

  • have any outside job/ employment, run a business, etc.
  • have minors in the home while on duty, be enrolled in school, or have extensive hobbies without prior approval