Emergency Response System

  • An in-home electronic 2-way, 24/7 support system that provides communication between isolated persons and a medical control center.

EDWP helps people who are elderly and/or disabled to continue living in their homes and communities. EDWP offers community-based care as an alternative to nursing home placement and offers Georgians a greater choice in deciding where to live and what assistance they need. EDWP helps clients to help themselves, Stay in control of their lives, and maintain a presence in their community. 

For more information on the program participation and eligibility, call (770) 567 - 5948.

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Personal Support Services

  • Assistance with meal preparation, hygiene, and nutrition
  • Light housekeeping, necessary errands, and other support services
  • In-home respite care provided by an aide

Available Services

Alternative Living Services
(An alternative residence for persons unable to remain independent in their own homes. The services provided are):

  • Personal Care
  • Meals
  • Clean living environment
  • 24-hour supervision

Out-of-Home Respite Care

  • Overnight respite care in an approved facility with 24-hour supervision.

Case Management (Enhanced and Traditional)

  • ​Process which includes assessing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating options, and services required to meet individual needs and making referrals as needed

Home Delivered Meals
​(Offer hot or frozen meals for homebound persons unable to prepare nutritious food for themselves)

  • Prepared outside the home and delivered to the client
  • Up to 2 meals per day, 7 days a week
  • 1/3 Recommended Daily Allowance

Adult Day Health offers
  Health care and related services in an adult day center for  persons who need daytime care and supervision and providing:

  • Daytime care and supervision in an adult day center
  • Nursing and medical social services
  • Planned therapeutic activities
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Meals, including prescribed diets

Home Delivered Services

  • Skilled nursing services;
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy;
  • Medical social services and home health aide assistance
  • Personal care and assistance with meals

Structured Family Caregiver

  • Provides support, education, and oversight on behalf of waiver members whose family caregiver lives in the home with the member
  • Live-in family member works with SFC provider's health coach while supporting the member to maximize the highest level of independence for the member by providing necessary care and support  

EDWP Case Management Agency

McIntosh Trail Management Services provides The Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program to 24 Georgia Counties >>>

Private care managers are health care professionals with a background in nursing, social work, gerontology, family counseling, &, etc., who specialize in elder care issues and are trained to help family caregivers by:

  • assessing the particular needs of a family; the level of care needed and the living situation;
  • helping them navigate the medical system; and planning and supervising care, among other services.

MTMS provides an assessment of the individual’s needs and re-evaluates the client’s needs frequently. 

Families living out of town or out of state can rely on our staff to monitor the client and the services on a regular basis.  The care manager follows up with the individual to be sure the person’s needs continue to be met.  If the situation changes, a reassessment will be made and new services arranged if necessary. 

For more information on program participation and eligibility, call (770) 567-5948.

Elderly Disabled Waiver Program (EDWP)

Consumer-Directed Personal Support Services(option same as Personal Support Services except)

  • Consumer hires and supervises worker(s) of choice
  • Clients enrolled in the option are required to choose a Financial Management Services provider that will issue paychecks and adhere to federal and state tax laws on behalf of the client​