Georgia Abuse Neglect Exploitation APP

State agencies in Georgia joined together to create an app to help at-risk adults and now, the app is live for at-risk adults, their families, and law enforcement officers.

The GANE App (Georgia Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation) was created with the idea that people over the age of sixty-five often become victims of physical abuse, and those who are mentally or physically incapacitated do not have the necessary resources to report it.

Through the app, adults can report abuse, neglect, or exploitation to law enforcement securely while instantly having access to resources, legalese, and other useful tools. 

The GANE app is available on iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Store. The app was designed with the help of the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services, the Georgia Chapter the of the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

If you are currently using the GANE app or want to use it, and you have questions or problems, please e-mail David Blake at: .


​​At-Risk Adult Crime Tactics (ACT) Specialist Training is a 16-hr course providing primary and secondary responders basic knowledge about abuse, neglect & exploitation of older adults and adults with disabilities (at risk adults).

ACT’s Goal is to increase responders’ awareness of and encourage a multi-disciplinary response to crimes against at-risk adults to:

• Protect the persons, rights, and assets

• Prosecute offenders, and

• Prevent further victimizations.  

Contact David Blake,, or Pat King, for additional information. ​

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