To know if the Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program is for you, a detailed assessment of your health care needs and present condition must be made by a Registered Nurse. A care plan will be recommended to you and your family and if you chose to participate in Community Care, the Registered Nurse will collaborate with your physician to determine if you are eligible. If you become enrolled in EDWP, a Care Coordinator will arrange for services and evaluate your condition frequently. If your needs change, appropriate changes in services may be made. If at any time, you become ineligible, an appropriate discharge plan will be presented to you and/or your caregiver(s).

To be eligible for participation in the Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program, a person must:

*Meet functionally impaired criteria when assessed by the assessment nurse;

*Be eligible or potentially eligible for Medicaid. If a person has previously been determined ineligible for Medicaid, he/she may still qualify under EDWP due to varying regulations. In some cases, EDWP clients may have to pay part of the cost of services. The amount is determined by the Department of Family and Children Services; 

*Have health and personal needs which can be adequately met in the community within the established cost limits.