How does an individual obtain EDWP Services?

Step 1: The individual contacts Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for an EDWP assessment for Tradional/ Enhanced care. The individual with active full Medicaid can contact the AAA for assessment.

Step 2: If the individual is eligible for EDWP, the care coordinator and the member/ representative collaborate to determine which services the applicant needs.

  • Functional impairment caused by physical limitations NOTE: Alzheimer's and dementia are physical conditions.
  • Unmet need for care
  • Approval of an intermediate level of care (LOC) certification for nursing home placement
  • Approval of care plan by client's physician
  • Medicaid eligible or potentially eligible after admission to EDWP
  • ​Client chooses community-based, rather than institutional services
  • Services fall within the average annual cost of Medicaid-reimbursed care provided in a nursing facility. Health and safety needs can be met by EDWP
  • Participation in one waiver program at a time
  • Medicare home health services or hospice (Medicare or Medicaid) does not meet consumer needs for services
  • Home Delivered Meals is not the only service need
  • The home environment is free of illegal behavior and threats of bodily harm to other persons 

Who is eligible for EDWP?