Debbie Newman

Medicaid Specialist

Our Board

Ashly Aguilera

Resource and Media Coordinator

Terannie Brumbelow, RN

Executive Director

MTMS Serves 24 Counties: Click a block to see each Office and the areas they cover

​​Our Company

Founded in 1985, MTMS is governed by a Board of Directors with services provided by an Executive Director; skilled, professional staff; and volunteers from the community. McIntosh Trail Management Services, Inc. is a private nonprofit agency providing services for older and/or disabled persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, national origin, or political affiliation within a twenty-four (24) county service area.

Our Programs

We develop, implement, and administer programs as deemed necessary to provide our services; and, use funding from public and private sources to finance these programs.

Our Staff

**Chairman, Michael Powell 
Akilah Hatfield
​Mike Sanford

Doris Carter

​Jason Briley

​Penny Medhurst

Our Mission

The mission of McIntosh Trail Management Services, Inc. is to provide quality community services and programs; helping people to help themselves, stay in control of their lives, and maintain a presence in their community.

​​​About Us