Happy Retirement to Carolyn Walker in our Franklin Office... ​We will miss you!

At MUSIC & MEMORY®, we’re making great strides toward our vision of personalized music in all healthcare settings serving elders, and beyond. Thanks to your support, in 2017 we’ve hit some milestones:

We now have more than 5,000 MUSIC & MEMORY® Certified Care Organizations.
We’ve launched a Tablet Engagement Program that helps elders access digital technology that expands their world beyond music.  Our Care Community website now supports over 6,000 users.  We have also launched our new online learning platform.

Please read more in our 2017 Impact Report.  [View-Report]

Together, we can create a world where everyone, regardless of cognitive or physical abilities, has access to beloved, life-affirming music and other digital resources.

Dan Cohen, MSW

Excecutive Director

Music & Memory

Assessment & Private Care Management

MTMS's professional staff arranges for elderly and/or disabled persons and their families.

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CCSP helps people who are elderly and/or disabled to continue living in their homes and community.